Saturday, December 29, 2007

Oddity Chronicle I

December 29th, 5:18 am:

Found half a peanut on toilet flush button.
Went to sleep with questions unanswered.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Online Crushes, eh ?

To my moderate surprise, I found out that today is either
the day that one officially gets the chance to publicize their
"online crushes" or it is the day that one particular blog-
gerist decided to blatantly make stuff up. Since the latter
would clearly never happen, I have to assume that today
is the day for crushing.

So, in no real order because I can't follow orders anyway:

First to mention because she started this outing within my
horizon is one Crystal, with whom I disagree in length and
agree briefly - 'Cause, when she's right, she nails it. She's
also a source of crysaline crazyness and avatarian saint-
wisdom, which is kinda rare. Also, she's hot.

Also absolutely mention-required is the man called
, who is less of a crush-object and more of a
co-joined at the virtual hip kinda thing. He taught me
a lot of things I never wanted to know and some that
I really SHOULD know. I couldn't do without him
and all of his oddballings. Also, he's hot.

There's one very, very bad girl (sorry, no links here..
trust me, it's for the better) who totally irritated me by
actually talking to me and blew my mind by becoming
a close friend. Way too wild and way too wise and
weally, weally not quiet ! Also, she's hot.

Mentions that MUST NOT BE UNDER-
go to the waytookind MDguy
and the Horsegirl sisters. All three of these
mentions are also hot.

And finally, there's one whose cameos in my online
life are such a bittersweet affair. You haven't lived
until you know a beautiful woman who can
practically quote the entire "Friday, 13th"
series by heart. And is also hot. With her,
I close this possibly-but-not really arbitrary list.

'nuff said.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Back now.

Not that anyone would know the difference.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Temporary notice of absence

Hello, whoever is reading !

If it is of any concern to you, please take notice of the fact that - due to computer problems - I will not be able to be online for a while. I might be back early next week, though, if everything goes well.

dullest regards

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wishful Thinking

Sometimes, I see things that I want. Expensive
things. And of course, I can't afford those things.
And then, while I turn away, I can not help but
think "one day, when I when the lottery..."

Of course, that's absurd. The odds of thats are nil.
Especially considering that I don't play the lottery.
Still, the thought remains. Because it is comforting.
Because it warps my perception of reality in a way
that makes it more bearable to me.

That's stupid and it is human.

It is also something that I see in people every day.
Not just pertaining material desires. It's far more
common in the "deeper" matters of life. Life, death,
love, hate, fate... Self-deceit rules the world. A man
is mistreating his wife, but she stays with him
because she clings to the thought that he'll change.
Business is down, but the boss keeps going like be-
fore because the market will probably recover. A
woman is diagnosed with a deadly disease, but she
just prays to get better.

Praying. Belief. Religion. The biggest deceit of all. It
is something the people uphold even in the face of all
the science in the world. And why ? Because it is so
damn comforting.

Evolution has programmed us to avoid death at
all cost, but our damn brains have grown to an
uncomfortable capacity. We now know that sooner
or later, we will die. And we can't stand that thought.
It goes against our prime instinct. The solution that
our poor, confused species has found for this dilemma
is simple: We made up a life after life. We don't really
end ! We just go on to the next place. It doesn't get
simpler than this, and it could hardly get any more
absurd. And this is the way we, as a species, seem
to approach all uncomfortable realities. We can
change everything if we just belief hard enough.
And what when things go wrong, after all ? 

The ways of the lord are mysterious.

Even in the face of evidence to the contrary, belief
prevails. It empowers. And power is something that
is hard to give up.
We made god because we want to be god.
We want to have control over all things.

Guess what ? We'll never have it. And the sooner we
can accept that, the easier it will be to deal with the
things we actually can do something about.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Isn't it funny when... happen to witness a friend describing the most repulsive features in a man... And most of those happen 
to fit you to a tee ?

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Satisfaction Mandatory

Upon my journeys of the pointless places of the internet, I spend a lot
of time reading what others have to say about entertainment.
Fictions. Pop Culture.
In recent days, I have noticed a strange trend.

As far as stereotypes go, discussions on the internet - especially
in realms of "fandom" - tend to be negative and deconstructive,
obliterating any given given piece of media on the basis of small,
whimsical details and nitpicks. So far the cliche.

But lately, I've come to notice a big, even dominating movement
that seems to be the opposite and yet the same. Allow me to

Nowadays, when somebody (let's call this exemplary person
Billy Starter) starts a forum topic to voice their dissatisfaction
with .. let's say.. a movie, people are quick to jump all over
that person, discounting all complains and defending that
movie with the ferocity of a mother Grizzly defending her
young against invaders from outer space. These people make
sure to tell poor Billy to grow up and to pull the preverbial stick
out of his rectum. They generally seem convinced that anyone
who doesn't love a movie must be a virtual clone of the Simp-
sons' own Comic Book guy - Only less socially adept.

Now, Billy might not be one to back down easily. He might be
convinced that he's right, and he might want to defend his own
opinion. If he does, he's doomed.
For then, the defense squad jumps into action. If you actually
use forums, you might have witnessed this spontaneously-
forming, cult-like mob in action. Hellbent on refuting the very
idea that something about a movie (/music/book/comic/game)
might be anything less than great entertainment, they rip apart
any and every point of criticism. Should they run out of argu-
ments of their own, they bring out their secret weapon of
ultimate doom.
"It's just _______, grow up and enjoy it".

You see, it doesn't matter if there are plot holes. It doesn't
matter if basic story elements make no sense. It doesn't
matter if a musical composition is tired and boring. It doesn't
matter if dialogue is stupid. It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter,
it doesn't matter. All that matters it that you, as a good
consumer sit down and ENJOY things no matter how
bad they are. Because if you can't, it's you who failed
- Not the ones who made the the stupid crap you're watching.

That's right. Apparently, it's not longer the job of someone who
comes up with a story to make it enjoyable. It's up to the con-
sumer to make himself believe that he enjoys it. And if you
don't... Yep, you instantly regain your virginity and teleport
into your parents' basement.

I've seriously seen people claim that it doesn't matter if actors
suck... because "IT'S JUST A MOVIE !" And that it doesn't
matter if the writing on a comic is bad because "IT'S JUST
". These are literal quotes, mind you.

So what happened here ?
Is this some kind of bizarre counter-movement to the negativity
of years past ? Is it a desperate attempt to appear mature and
worldly ? Could it be the seeds of the industrial plants ?

Whatever it might be, I know for sure that it is one thing:
Hilariously stupid.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Americans, you have less than a month of freedom left.

You should really click the following link so that it won't
surprise you too much when all you have is taken away from you:

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Helter Skelter ?

Now that I have started my very own blog, what world-moving and epically important topic am I to tackle first ? Why, my own vanity,
of course !

As you probably know, most internet forums and message boards these days feature "avatar pictures". You know, those personalized square or rectangular pictures on the upper left of a post to show you who just posted without even reading the name.
(You obviously don't have the time to read names. You're a person of the world, you have
to go places, meet people, make money, move major revenue, and rule the world from your
secret underground lair of doom)

Now, my own, personal picture which I use across most
forums is that of an eye. To be more precise, it's this one:

I've been using it for years and it has kept me recognizable.
Probably not a smart move, because I tend to make more enemies than friends.
In any case, there's an issue I hadn't been aware of all this time:
People seem to think that it's Charles Manson's eye.

There are two problems with this.
1: I don't support serial killers, mass murderers and their likes in the field of politics.
2: It's my eye.

So I have to ask you, my willing, my dedicated, my obedient audience....
Do I look like Charles Manson? Do I? Of course I don't ! So tell me. Except if I do. But I don't.

Even newer Blog on the kid

Okay, so I created a blog earlier today, but the provider for it wasn't all that great.

This one seems to work a lot better, even if it is owned by the allmighty, world-devouring evil that is Google.

So I'll keep this for now.

Even though I still have nothing to write about.

Cheerios !