Saturday, February 23, 2008

Last Night

She is a goddess. Wonderful, unreachable, no matter
how close she seems to be. It is all I really know.

I'm not sure how I got here. I don't even
know where "here" is. It is not important.

The rest I lie in is oddly comfortable, even as confined
as it is. It fits the contures of my body perfectly.. both
below and above me. The upper half that that covers
me only has openings for my mouth, nostrils and for
my eyes. Usually, this would be uncomfortable, even
But right now, it is just right. For just
beyond this constriction, there's

I thought that I had known her for years. But I never
really knew what I witness at this moment. In a way,
she still's still the same woman... Her aware eyes, her
full hair, her slender lips... But there is something else
now. Something so warm and serene, something
overwhelming. Something burns within her, and I've
never seen before it was bright enough to blind me.
I'm blind enough to see now.

She is above me. In every way. Her white, pearlescent
garments produce a silent rattle, as she moves just
enough to enchant me with her swaying. She is speaking
to me, and even though I don't understand the words, I
know what she is saying. She's filling my senses with her
warmth, her passion, her heavenly love. She knows that
I want to be with her, hold her, merge with her. But
whatever happens, happens on her terms. I strain against
my coverings, trying to see her closer, take in her scent,
maybe reach her with my tongue. Longing. Sweet agony.
She rewards my struggle with a fleeting kiss, as she slips
off her garment. My arms are free now, and without a
word, she allows me to caress her waist.

Suddenly, she is far away from me. I must be upright,
as I can still see her on the other side of the room. I see
the place we are in for the first time. It is a temple of old,
but clearly built in modern times. The perfect place to
worship a perfect woman. She is clothed again, lying
on an invory-like bench suspended above a pool of
water that I know to be warm. She is still looking at me,
smiling so warmly, still affirming, and entirely in control.
Around her are other women. But there really aren't
any other women in her presence.
They are merely framework.

Knowingly, she slips into the water with divine grace.
I hesitate for a moment, as an unseen voice warns me
about lacking the proper preparation for excellence.
Won't everyone see my arousal straining against my
clothes ? Do I have to be ashamed ? It can't matter.
Not while she is there. Not when I could be with her.
I slip out of my confinement and drop into the water.

The water is welcoming. I have no difficulty holding
my breath as I approach her elegant shape gliding
through the silent warmth. She smiles at me as I take
hold of her arm in a slow spin.

I wake.