Saturday, December 15, 2007

Online Crushes, eh ?

To my moderate surprise, I found out that today is either
the day that one officially gets the chance to publicize their
"online crushes" or it is the day that one particular blog-
gerist decided to blatantly make stuff up. Since the latter
would clearly never happen, I have to assume that today
is the day for crushing.

So, in no real order because I can't follow orders anyway:

First to mention because she started this outing within my
horizon is one Crystal, with whom I disagree in length and
agree briefly - 'Cause, when she's right, she nails it. She's
also a source of crysaline crazyness and avatarian saint-
wisdom, which is kinda rare. Also, she's hot.

Also absolutely mention-required is the man called
, who is less of a crush-object and more of a
co-joined at the virtual hip kinda thing. He taught me
a lot of things I never wanted to know and some that
I really SHOULD know. I couldn't do without him
and all of his oddballings. Also, he's hot.

There's one very, very bad girl (sorry, no links here..
trust me, it's for the better) who totally irritated me by
actually talking to me and blew my mind by becoming
a close friend. Way too wild and way too wise and
weally, weally not quiet ! Also, she's hot.

Mentions that MUST NOT BE UNDER-
go to the waytookind MDguy
and the Horsegirl sisters. All three of these
mentions are also hot.

And finally, there's one whose cameos in my online
life are such a bittersweet affair. You haven't lived
until you know a beautiful woman who can
practically quote the entire "Friday, 13th"
series by heart. And is also hot. With her,
I close this possibly-but-not really arbitrary list.

'nuff said.


Crys said...


ilu, creature SH. also, plz to note that i am right at all times whilst you are virtually always wrong. if we could just establish this already, we'd have a lot less problems. and to close, God called and wanted me to tell you he totally exists

Creature SH said...

Automated call, I'm sure.

But that is secondary - Love is all around me !

Or maybe that's gas. Could someone call 911 ?

RaeJane said...

you guys crack me up!