Thursday, July 19, 2007

Helter Skelter ?

Now that I have started my very own blog, what world-moving and epically important topic am I to tackle first ? Why, my own vanity,
of course !

As you probably know, most internet forums and message boards these days feature "avatar pictures". You know, those personalized square or rectangular pictures on the upper left of a post to show you who just posted without even reading the name.
(You obviously don't have the time to read names. You're a person of the world, you have
to go places, meet people, make money, move major revenue, and rule the world from your
secret underground lair of doom)

Now, my own, personal picture which I use across most
forums is that of an eye. To be more precise, it's this one:

I've been using it for years and it has kept me recognizable.
Probably not a smart move, because I tend to make more enemies than friends.
In any case, there's an issue I hadn't been aware of all this time:
People seem to think that it's Charles Manson's eye.

There are two problems with this.
1: I don't support serial killers, mass murderers and their likes in the field of politics.
2: It's my eye.

So I have to ask you, my willing, my dedicated, my obedient audience....
Do I look like Charles Manson? Do I? Of course I don't ! So tell me. Except if I do. But I don't.


Poppy said...

An angry dark-haired Matt Damon... which is perhaps a worse comparison than Manson? Sorry.

Anonymous said...

omg Poppy---you hit it dead on! Matt Damon! i see it now and you're right.

yes, an angry, brooding, red haired matt damon. are you red haired?


but no to the Charles Manson. HELL NO.

Anonymous said...

and why are Germans so angry???

Creature SH said...

Moooatt Daiimun !
No, I don't think so... But it must be true, for the unmisleadles have spoken, so it must be true ! My face is a lie !

Red hair - Only in the right light.

Angry - Only in the right mood.

Anonymous said...

OMG! XD I always knew it was YOUR eye but now I'll never look at it in the same way again. But no, you don't look like Manson. Maybe if you burned an X in your forehead...