Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Isn't it funny when...

...you happen to witness a friend describing the most repulsive features in a man... And most of those happen 
to fit you to a tee ?

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Satisfaction Mandatory

Upon my journeys of the pointless places of the internet, I spend a lot
of time reading what others have to say about entertainment.
Fictions. Pop Culture.
In recent days, I have noticed a strange trend.

As far as stereotypes go, discussions on the internet - especially
in realms of "fandom" - tend to be negative and deconstructive,
obliterating any given given piece of media on the basis of small,
whimsical details and nitpicks. So far the cliche.

But lately, I've come to notice a big, even dominating movement
that seems to be the opposite and yet the same. Allow me to

Nowadays, when somebody (let's call this exemplary person
Billy Starter) starts a forum topic to voice their dissatisfaction
with .. let's say.. a movie, people are quick to jump all over
that person, discounting all complains and defending that
movie with the ferocity of a mother Grizzly defending her
young against invaders from outer space. These people make
sure to tell poor Billy to grow up and to pull the preverbial stick
out of his rectum. They generally seem convinced that anyone
who doesn't love a movie must be a virtual clone of the Simp-
sons' own Comic Book guy - Only less socially adept.

Now, Billy might not be one to back down easily. He might be
convinced that he's right, and he might want to defend his own
opinion. If he does, he's doomed.
For then, the defense squad jumps into action. If you actually
use forums, you might have witnessed this spontaneously-
forming, cult-like mob in action. Hellbent on refuting the very
idea that something about a movie (/music/book/comic/game)
might be anything less than great entertainment, they rip apart
any and every point of criticism. Should they run out of argu-
ments of their own, they bring out their secret weapon of
ultimate doom.
"It's just _______, grow up and enjoy it".

You see, it doesn't matter if there are plot holes. It doesn't
matter if basic story elements make no sense. It doesn't
matter if a musical composition is tired and boring. It doesn't
matter if dialogue is stupid. It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter,
it doesn't matter. All that matters it that you, as a good
consumer sit down and ENJOY things no matter how
bad they are. Because if you can't, it's you who failed
- Not the ones who made the the stupid crap you're watching.

That's right. Apparently, it's not longer the job of someone who
comes up with a story to make it enjoyable. It's up to the con-
sumer to make himself believe that he enjoys it. And if you
don't... Yep, you instantly regain your virginity and teleport
into your parents' basement.

I've seriously seen people claim that it doesn't matter if actors
suck... because "IT'S JUST A MOVIE !" And that it doesn't
matter if the writing on a comic is bad because "IT'S JUST
". These are literal quotes, mind you.

So what happened here ?
Is this some kind of bizarre counter-movement to the negativity
of years past ? Is it a desperate attempt to appear mature and
worldly ? Could it be the seeds of the industrial plants ?

Whatever it might be, I know for sure that it is one thing:
Hilariously stupid.