Friday, January 4, 2008


Kissing is a curious thing to me. While I have had the
regular share of innocent childhood family affection
kisses (long term, isn't it ?), I have not had the chance
to engage in the romantic version of the activity. And so,
I wonder.

It is such a strange thing, isn't it ? Pressing lips against
one another, parting them, moving, tongues, saliva...
taken out of context, it seems downright repulsive.
Definitely unsanitary. What is it that compels people
do engage in such a bizarre act ?

Of course I am aware of the biology. The pheromones.
The ritualism. The tribe culture and evolutionary drive.
But aren't we, as humans, also conscious, self-aware
beings ? How can our minds tune out what is actually
going on ?

Maybe it has to do with conditioning. In modern
society, we are born into a world of flickering lights
and endless supplies of ever-new stories that are all
the same old things at the core. Kissing is glorified,
romanticized, and overused as an everlasting symbol
of affection. Is it this that compels us ? Is it true that
some isolated tribes of the human kind are not doing
it at all ?

And why would they ? It is silly. It is pointless.
It even spreads diseases.

And yet, and yet, and yet... I find myself wishing
that I had the chance. Just once. And then again
and again and again.


Poppy said...

Yah, you need to have this experience under your belt. Top three: Kissing, embracing, and holding hands. They all feel equally wonderful and should only be experienced with people you truly love.

Sure, I give hugs to people I don't love, but I don't embrace people I don't love. There's a difference.

And, for me, I will only kiss a person I am romantically involved with. No family, no friends. It's just too intimate and special to me.

Creature SH said...

Thanks for the feedback.

I wish I knew better than I do.

Jodi said...

Hey there...I'm visiting you from Crystal. Interesting blog.

I like kissing.


RaeJane said...

I kiss kiss kiss and the time time time..
especially my baby girls :)
Soon they are gonna be all like , "mom, go away... you are so embarrassing me!"

Creature SH said...

Hoosiergirl: Thanks !

Raejane: ...They probably are, yes.

And that concludes my mooching of better Bloggers' audiences for today.

Crys said...

i don't know, kissing is good sometimes, but i don't often like to do it. just so much saliva involved, i don't know, something about it. but then when the spirit MOVES me, it's all good. nice even.

Creature SH said...

aaah, that's a good answer.. Because it's honest.